Veil Bead Masterclass Tour 2023

A new year. An updated method. We are back for the third year in a row and better than ever. In a fast paced industry it can be hard to keep up with all of the extension techniques and educational courses available. Which is why we do the hard work for you. As the industry evolves, we make sure our methods and techniques do too When you invest in a Veil Bead Method Masterclass you get lifetime access to the course and all its updates. Beyond that we are more than just a method. We give you the tried and true business building strategies you will need to grow your extension empire. Not just a class. Your journey with us begins the moment you sign up to entrust us with your extension career. Imagine an experience where the educators take the time to get to know you and assess your skill level and business strategies - before you ever even step foot in our Masterclass. This is why we keep our class sizes intimate: so we can tailor our education to your needs. Open to beginners and advanced artists alike..we prefer to meet you where you're at. Come learn the Veil Bead Method with YOURS Educators Mariah Cloke and Gavin Ackland-Gall. 

ORLANDO, FL January 22, 2023
NASHVILLE, TN April 11, 2023





The Veil Bead Masterclass Tour

The tour dates are finally here and they are limited. This year we are focused on bringing you an even bigger and better Masterclass experience. So we are doing a lot less traveling and a whole lot more at each event. We are so excited to head to these 2 amazing cities in the first half of 2023. If you're an in-person learner, don't miss your chance to attend one of these Veil Bead Masterclasses! Each class is 5 hours packed full of learning, Q & A, ah-ha moments, and inspiration. The Veil Bead Masterclass takes things a step further than the rest. You leave class with the knowledge of the Veil Bead Method extension installation AND the entire blueprint to a 6 figure business behind the chair. The Masterclass experience we are planning for you this year is something the industry has never seen before, and we are SO excited for you to be apart of something big!


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What you will learn:

The Veil Bead Method Install is an efficient and undetectable way to install weft hair extensions. What makes the Veil Bead Method different from the rest is the unique stitching pattern, which holds the weight of the weft without having to create a "clothesline" effect by stringing all of the beads together. This allows you to work more efficiently, eliminate steps in the install process, and finish installations faster. 

The Veil Bead Flip Up pictured above is the result of a successful Veil Bead Method installation - complete undetectability! Clients will be able to wear their hair in any hairstyle without fear of detection. This method is a true no-bead seen extension install.


What makes our course stand out:

Not only do you learn the Veil Bead Method: sectioning, beading, threading, securing weft, sewing pattern, cutting + blending, maintenance + removal....We make sure stylists who go through the course have all the essential marketing materials in order to be successful: booking a model, waivers + release agreements, pricing, client communication guide, consultation guide + cheat sheet, color matching guides, client FAQs, social media captions + photography! We give you the entire 6 figure business blueprint so you can support the method and start increasing your income behind the chair!


Breaking Down

Our 3 Tiered Training


Tier 1

Start with reviewing all files and videos in the Veil Bead Method Extension Course on your own, then come to class and listen to a lecture on relevant information from Mariah and educators.


Tier 2

Look and learn with a live model in class and gain in person practice on a mannequin at the Masterclass with 1:1 help from Mariah and educators. This is where you will practice extension sectioning, beading, stitching, and installing the wefts! 


Tier 3

The last step in the certification is to install on a live model! YOURS takes this extra step in the certification process to ensure you are ready to bring your best work to your clients! 

What's included in the Masterclass


- Lifetime access to 100+ files and 16 videos

- 5 hour in person class with course creator Mariah Cloke and Director of Education Gavin Ackland-Gall

- Periodically updated course content


- Veil Bead Certified Pros are certified in Veil Bead Method Installation of 3 different weft types:
Vanish Wefts, Hand Tied Wefts, and Machine Tied Wefts


- Includes: mannequin head, mannequin stand, kit carrying case, loop tools, beads, stork scissors, clips, tool kit (extension pliers, needles, needle comb, thread, hair grippers, practice hair, swag bag), color swatch ring, texture ring (rings are currently on pre-order + will be sent when we restock!)


- Certified Pros Facebook and Instagram Support Group

- Q+A with Mariah and educator team 


- Our 80 page 6 Figure Blueprint to Success is NOW included in the Veil Bead Method Course! 
- This blueprint gives you all the components you need as a stylist to run a 6 figure business


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Option 1:
One time payment of $1815

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Option 2:
Five monthly payment plan payments of $363

Masterclass Educators

YOURS Extensions Founder + CEO, creator of the Veil Bead Method. Mariah has 8+ years of experience in the industry and has built her social media following to reach over 95,000 stylists across the globe. Mariah is the lead educator at all Masterclass and education events. She is focused on helping stylists level up and achieve their goals. When she isn't educating across the country or running her extension business, she is executing flawless extension transformations weekly on her clients at the YOURS HQ in Longview, WA. 

Mariah Cloke - CEO

YOURS Extensions Director of Education. Gavin has half a decade of experience in the industry and has created a successful business behind the chair that focuses solely on extensions. Along with Mariah, Gavin is a lead educator at all Masterclasses. When Gavin isn't in Indiana working behind the chair or hanging with his dogs and husband, you can catch this travelling stylist at YOURS HQ in Longview, WA doing beautiful extension transformations.  
A true extensionist King. 

Gavin Ackland - Director of Education


Macee T.

I 110% recommend certifying with YOURS Extensions if you are looking into extension training. Compared to other training programs, YOURS is very affordable and Mariah goes above and beyond to make you feel confident in your work. Not only do you have support that feels like family, you get to learn the best of the best extension methods and offer the best quality hair. I believe certifying with YOURS Extensions was one of the best decisions I have made for my career!

Dee W.

I traveled over 5 hours to see Mariah at the YOURS Extensions Masterclass. I had been following Mariah for quite some time and I knew I wanted to come to her YOURS Extensions Masterclass. I had a great experience and I recommend everyone to attend a Masterclass. It is an easy process and you learn everything from how to install extensions to how to run a 6 figure business!

Paige H.

On the way home all I could think was WOW! That was definitely worth my investment, I was able to do it after multiple tries. The encouragement and hype I got from the educators was exactly what I needed. I feel like this is really going to level me up in my business. I am looking forward to increasing my income and providing a new service to my clients and bringing my status as a stylist to a luxury level. In class I learned all of the tools to get me there.

Sara L.

We came across YOURS Extensions and Mariah on TikTok and loved her vibe and all the advice she had to offer in her videos. We knew right away we needed to take her class! I want to thank Mariah so much for teaching her ways with YOURS Extensions. She truly goes above and beyond as an educator!

Chelsea R.

The YOURS Extensions Masterclass I attended in Buffalo lit a fire under me I didn't know was there! Thank you Mariah and YOURS Extensions for the detailed, inspiring, and overall above and beyond mentorship.

Kayla S.

I had the BEST time learning the Veil Bead Method at the Masterclass. With the encouragement of the YOURS Extensions educators, I left the class feeling confident in what I had learned.

Karen B.

Class was amazing. The YOURS Extensions Educators were such patient teachers. I loved being at the Masterclass! Being a new salon owner during a pandemic, this class was such a breath of fresh air.

Kathy C.

I recently attended a YOURS Extensions Masterclass and got certified in the Veil Bead Method. The class and the instructor Mariah was very informative. Mariah was extremely knowledgeable and knows her products and her method perfectly. She has also been a wonderful support after the class with all of my random questions. The hair quality from yours is simply perfect. Just touch it and you will see for yourself. I highly recommend YOURS!

Margaret B.

Class was awesome! Extremely educational. I can't wait to use this method on my extension clients! Everything was so helpful and clear.