2022 Masterclass Tour

We're announcing our 2022 In Person Veil Bead Method Masterclass Tour in November! Be the first to grab your tickets by signing up for our email notification list. 

Choose the Masterclass city you want to attend. 

Breaking Down

Our 3 Tiered Training


Tier 1

Start with reviewing all files and videos in the Veil Bead Method Extension Course on your own, then come to class and listen to a lecture on relevant information from Mariah and educators.


Tier 2

In person practice at the Masterclass with 1:1 help from Mariah and educators. This is where you will practice extension sectioning, beading, stitching, and installing the wefts! 


Tier 3

The last step in the certification is to install on a live model! YOURS takes this extra step in the certification process to ensure you are ready to bring your best work to your clients! 


82 page blueprint to business success is now INCLUDED in the Veil Bead Method Course! This handbook dives deep into supporting your business, beyond extensions!

- Determining Target Market
- Education + ROI
- Pricing
- Passive Marketing
- Photography
- Aggressive Marketing
- Consultations
- Referrals
- Scheduling
- Client Experience
- Stylist Lookbook
- Policies + Waivers

What's included in the Masterclass?


- 5 hour class with 1:1 and hands on instruction

- Lifetime access to 71 files and 14 videos

- Periodically updated course content


- Veil Bead Certified Pros are certified in Veil Bead Method Installation of Vanish Wefts, Hand Tied Wefts, and Machine Tied Wefts


- Includes: tote bag, hair sample, beads, nylon thread, tool kit, practice hair, hair grippers, stork scissors, clips, hair product, tail comb, + thank you gift


- Certified Pros Facebook Support Group

- Q+A with Mariah and educator team 


- Our 82 page 6 Figure Blueprint to Success is NOW included in the Veil Bead Method Course! - This blueprint gives you all the components you need as a stylist to run a 6 figure business

Your Investment

Option 1:
1 time investment of $1500 USD

Option 2:
5 payment plan payments of $300 USD/month

Why our Course Content stands out: 

Not only do you learn the Veil Bead Method: sectioning, beading, threading, securing weft, sewing pattern, cutting + blending, maintenance + removal....
We make sure stylists who go through the course have all the essential marketing materials in order to be successful: booking a model, waivers + release agreements, pricing, client communication guide, consultation guide + cheat sheet, color matching guides, client FAQs, social media captions + sample photos!

Confectioner image

The Veil Bead Method 

looks just like YOUR own hair.

YOURS Extensions are best paired with the Veil Bead™ Method: an advanced method which ensures no exposed beads. This means you can wear your hair in braids and snatch ponys while your beads remain undetectable and go unannounced. The Veil Bead Method is a brand new take on extension installation. It is more than a trend and definitely not a fad. The Veil Bead Method is here to stay and here's why. I have spent years perfecting the method and course. I have worked with hundreds of stylists and clients and has developed the best course on the market. The Veil Bead Method is the most natural looking and feeling extension install while being safe on client's real hair. No heat, glue, tape or visible beads. What makes it so unique is the stitching pattern. The Veil Bead Method stitching pattern holds more weight of the weft than the natural hair, placing ZERO stress on your hair. The best part is that it is a one step process done during the sewing pattern, eliminating time and extra steps from traditional beaded rows! The thread is discreet. And the hair lays to the natural growth pattern so it is a pain free and healthy hair experience.

Signature image

The Veil Bead Flip Up

The #VeilBeadFlipUp is what makes all the difference. See for yourself how undetectable and seamless this installation is! Clients are able to wear their hair in ANY style they want, without any fear of exposure. The Veil Bead Method promotes client comfort that only comes with YOURS Extensions, a seamless grow out, scalp health, and hair health! 

What is the difference between the Masterclass and online certification? 

The course content, structure, and quality of education is exactly the same! It depends on what your preferred learning style is: guided in-person + hands on, or independent, on your own time! 

What time is the Masterclass and where exactly will the Masterclass be held?

All Masterclasses will be 5 hour classes from 10am-3pm. Exact class location will be released to you after you register and choose the city you will be attending. 

My city isn't on the tour location. Will you come to my city? 

All classes require a 7 student minimum. If you are a salon owner that wants to book the course for their stylists, inquire about hosting a class here.

Class Inquiries


Sarah Finn

Masterclass Attendee 
YOURS Ambassador
YOURS National Educator

I did the YOURS Certification Training in person class and it was absolutely worth every penny! I found so much value being able to learn one-on-one with Mariah plus alongside other stylists. Included is the facebook group, the app and the online classes. So there is everything you need to practice, get the latest updates and confidently offer this premium service after the class. The YOURS weft and hair-the best. The sewing technique-the best. I can now offer my guests a luxury, more comfortable weft option. And I also learned a higher quality sewing technique. I was given everything I could possibly need like needle, thread, beads etc. to keep practicing. I'd like to add that my experience was during COVID-19 rimes and the socially distant class set up was great and I felt super safe. We even had premium hand sanitizer in our swag bags with other great little gifts!! Also I can't stress enough how great Mariah is if you have any questions during or after class! Would 10/10 recommend if you're interested in offering the best weft method to your guests.

Macee Trudeau

Masterclass Attendee
YOURS Ambassador

Certifying with Mariah and YOURS Extensions has been one of the best decisions ever. When Mariah released YOURS, I had been looking between different extension lines and certification trainings. But as soon as I saw the release of YOURS, I knew YOURS was the right fit for me. Mariah has provided so much 1:1 training and always answers my questions no matter how small of a problem it is. I 110% recommend certifying with Mariah if you are looking into extension training. Compared to other training programs YOURS is very affordable and Mariah goes above and beyond to make you feel confident in your work. Not only do you have support that feels like family, you get to learn one of the best extension methods, and offer the best quality hair. I truly believe certifying with YOURS Extensions by Mariah was one of the best decisions I have made for my career!

Meg Loveland

Masterclass Attendee

The Masterclass was great. I had previously done extensions before but not this method and hiding the beads is going to change the game. I am so excited to do this for my clients and advertise a whole new way of doing great extensions. Everyone was very helpful, hands on education and they really came to you and worked with you 1:1 to make sure you understood before we left the class. I would 100% 10/10 recommend this course.

Additional Info:

All classes require a 7 student minimum. If the class you signed up for does not meet the minimum requirement, we will provide a transfer option to the online certification or provide a travel voucher to attend another Masterclass of your choice.