YOURS Extensions Advanced Skill Set Program

If you're a Veil Bead Certified Pro looking to graduate to your Veil Bead Certified Masters - look no further! 

The Advanced Skill Set Program is for Veil Bead Certified Pros who want to show off their work in the best possible light and focus on their TECHNICAL SKILLSET.

Clean, undetectable flip ups - every time!


After our Veil Bead Certified Pros graduate from our course, the education opportunities don't stop! This course is for those stylists who want to tighten up their work, neaten up their flip ups, and receive additional mentorship from Mariah Cloke.

This course will further your understanding and mastery of the Veil Bead Method. Perfect for those who want that extra guided practice with our curriculum, have found pain points in their installation, or just want a refresh on things. 

What's included in the Advanced Skill Set Program?


- Lifetime access to course files 

- Deep dive into Sectioning, Beading, Fitting, Stitching, + Photography!

- Periodically updated course content


- 2 hour virtual 1:1 with Mariah to bring your work to absolute perfection!

Your Investment

1 time investment of $250 USD

Why our Course Content stands out: 

At YOURS Extensions, it is never just a one day certification and then you're done. We realize that there is so much that goes into practicing and feeling CONFIDENT about your skills and your extension install technique. Sometimes, stylists need to go through the certification, get behind the chair, and start doing extension installs to gain some experience. Then, they realize they still want more practice, want to clean up their work, perfect their flip up, and THAT'S OKAY - and most definitely supported. 

We developed this course in order to support those stylists that want to continue their education and want to continuously get better every single day. 

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Our promise to you:

Lifetime support from YOURS.

Every step of your extension journey, we are here for you! Our certification completely prepares you for healthy installation for your clients, but sometimes, stylists want to perfect the method and get in even extra practice! I myself, know that practice makes perfect. I am constantly evolving my craft. If you're like me, then this course would bring so much value for you. I'll be taking you step by step and breaking down your installation to make it absolutely flawless. Do you ever see those Instagram installation photos that look too good to be true? THAT can be your work. 

YOURS Extensions is all about promoting confidence, and the confidence STARTS with you as a stylist. 

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