YOURS Extensions Ambassador + Educator Applications

We are currently looking for our 2022 YOURS Extensions Brand Ambassadors and 2022 YOURS Extensions National Educators! 
Please read the information and requirements below, as well as fill out the form for the position you want to apply to.
We will be reviewing all applications on a rolling basis and will reach out to you if it is a good fit! 

How do I become a YOURS Extensions Ambassador?

YOURS Extensions Brand Ambassadors are stylists who LOVE YOURS Extensions. They love the company, what we stand for, and they embody our mission through their work. 

Brand Ambassadors are made of stylists who are GO-GETTERS, who work for what they want, and love to make the most out of their career. 

To be a YOURS Extensions Brand Ambassador, you can be ANY experience level. We accept stylists just starting out with YOURS Extensions and the Veil Bead Method, or stylists who have been certified for years!

Ambassador Requirements

- Must be a YOURS Certified Pro
- Must have done transformations using the YOURS Extensions Hair 
- Willing to share on social media accounts

Ambassador Perks

- Huge discount on all YOURS Extensions products
- Frequent promotion on our social media accounts 
- Ambassador highlight on the YOURS Extensions App
- Opportunity to become a National Educator

How do I become a YOURS Extensions National Educator?

YOURS Extensions National Educators are YOURS Ambassadors looking to take the next step in their careers! They LOVE the Veil Bead Method and have completed many amazing transformations for their clients.

National Educators are stylists who love to travel and most importantly, love to EDUCATE and LEAD other stylists! Educators are made of stylists who truly want to level up and step into a new role on a National level (& maybe International soon) with YOURS Extensions Educational Courses.

To be a National Educator, you must show expertise in the Veil Bead Method install. This role is for someone who has been a YOURS Extensions Ambassador and has much experience with the Veil Bead Method. 

National Educator Requirements

- Must be a YOURS Certified Pro
- Must be a YOURS Extensions Brand Ambassador
- Completed YOURS Extensions National Educator Training
- Show expert skills in Veil Bead Method and Veil Bead Flip Up
- Great communicator and leader in a class setting 

National Educator Perks

- Travel the country and world educating with YOURS Extensions
- Getting paid to teach what you love
- Educator highlight on YOURS Extensions App
- Even bigger discount on YOURS Extensions products
- Promotion on our social media accounts