A note from the founder

Hi, Mariah Cloke here, founder and CEO of YOURS Extension Company. 

I have been obsessed with hair extensions since I was 16.. and headed to my high school prom with a bad set of clip ins. It was the first time I realized I could completely alter my look just by adding hair.

Life was never the same. 

Fast forward just a few years, as an emerging stylist, I knew I wanted to change women’s lives by installing extra hair in a believable way. I had finally found my calling. 


I have always been obsessed with A-listers. And not in the regular fan girl, let me get concert tickets kind of way.. Rather, I have always been intrigued by how celebrities stand out in a crowd. I have always noticed they are a bit more boisterous (in a classy way) and different than say..the average woman..when it comes to fashion.

YOURS are extensions fit for..that bitch. Who is that bitch? She is the it girl. You know of her. She’s Gwen Stefani. She’s JLO.. she’s THAT BITCH.  

Something I have noticed about every show stopping bitch is that her hair is changing lengths..almost as fast as we refresh our IG feeds.

So naturally, I decided to specialize in adding, not just subtracting, hair.

After years of education, practice and obsession, YOURS Extensions are born..

YOURS ARE Extensions fit for..that bitch.