Introducing the YOURS National Educator Team

Mariah Cloke - Lead Educator

YOURS Extensions Founder + CEO, creator of the Veil Bead Method. Mariah has 8+ years of experience in the industry and has built her social media following to reach over 35,000 stylists across the globe. 

Mariah is the lead educator at all Masterclass and education events. She is focused on helping stylists level up and achieve their goals. When she isn't educating across the country or running her extension business, she is executing flawless extension transformations weekly on clients at the YOURS Extensions Salon. She is a full-time girl boss and a full time boy mom of 2. 

Located in Longview, Washington


Sarah Finn - Tier 1 Educator

Sarah has been a professional stylist since 2012. She certified with YOURS Extensions in 2020 and the rest is history. She quickly picked up on the Veil Bead Method and has a keen attention to neatness and detail, making her the first National Educator on the team. She constantly invests in her education which makes her a perfect match for the YOURS Extensions team. 

Her Veil Bead transformations are gorgeous and her clients keep coming back for her skill set. She is a natural born leader and you can see that in the classroom! We're so excited to have her on the National Educator Team and she will be coming to a class near you. 

Located in Watertown, New York


Nichole Royall - Tier 1 Educator

Nichole certified with YOURS Extensions virtually and she has constantly blown us away with her extension installation and her pure talent! As the second addition to the YOURS Extensions National Educator team, Nichole is the go-to girl for everything Veil Bead Method. She has shown over and over again just how great she is at using the Veil Bead Method to wow her clients and she is an amazing spokesperson for our brand and our message.

We are so excited to bring her on tour with us. She will be joining onto our team in 2022 and we can't wait for you all to meet her soon! 

Located in Lincoln, Illinois.


The YOURS Extensions National Team

Our team goes through extensive training in the Veil Bead Method to ensure mastery and educator skills. Our educators are highly trained in all areas of the Veil Bead Method, Educator to Stylist Communication, presentation skills, and more! 

The YOURS Extensions National Team has certified in the Veil Bead Method, has utilized the Veil Bead Method and YOURS Vanish Wefts on dozens of clients, they have gone through our Advanced Skill Set Program, and have attended the Educator in Training Days. 

We're all about promoting growth. As Veil Bead Certified stylists, you are able to grow with us through our Ambassador Program and then our National Educator team!

We are so proud of the educators on our team and we can't wait to see them shine during this upcoming tour!


Mariah's Work

Sarah's Work

Nichole's Work

Introducing the YOURS Brand Ambassadors 

Nichole Royall

The queen of Illinois Hair Extensions, Nichole is a sought after color and extension specialist. She's best known for her bright looks that stand out from the rest. She has shown exemplary competence in the Veil Bead Method and she uses nothing but the best on her clients - YOURS Extensions. 

Located in Lincoln, Illinois


Sarah Finn

Sarah takes lived in hair and curly girl looks to the next level! She makes Veil Bead Transformations look absolutely seamless and she amazes us every time she posts a before and after. She provides her clients with the luxury hair they love - it's YOURS Extensions.

Located in Watertown, New York


Emma Gutchess

Anyone who views Emma's work can see that she is a extension, balayage, and blonding pro! Her Veil Bead Method installations are next level! She has worked with TikTok influencers and has taken Central New York by storm. 

Located in Cicero, New York


Macee Trudeau

We love Macee's Veil Bead Method transformations! She is best known for high impact blondes, beautiful balayage medleys, and YOURS Extensions. She gets an A+ in our book for creative and engaging social media content, showcasing her amazing work. 

Located in Watertown, New York


Kati Sanders

Kati specializes in blondes, balayage, and extensions! She came to a YOURS Extensions Masterclass with extensive extension experience, and left with a thorough understanding of the Veil Bead Method. She is South Georgia's destination stylist for YOURS Extensions.

Located in Vidalia, Georgia


Caitlin Elder

Texarkana, you've got a good one! Caitlin is a blonding and extension specialist that blows us away with her Veil Bead Method transformations. Check out her Instagram Reels and prepare for major hair envy.

Located in Texarkana, Texas


Callie Morgan

Callie is YOURS Extension's southern belle! It's not just her gorgeous red hair that brings the heat. She is known around Alabama for her clean and flawless Veil Bead Method installs and gorgeous transformations. 

Located in Eva, Alabama


Josi Price

We love this island girl! Josi is the very first YOURS Certified Pro and YOURS Brand Ambassador in Hawaii. Josi's passion for hair extensions translates into her work, she creates true mermaid hair for all the Hawaii babes!

Located in Kailua Kona, Hawaii