Learn our approach to a healthy, hidden and safe beaded weft installation, right in the comfort of your home! Quality education more than 350 stylists have trusted across the entire United States and beyond, since 2020. 

Our online learning option begins with a 1:1 virtual session with a YOURS National Educator where you will learn our approach to a hidden bead extension installation. You will then have access to a follow up virtual shadow opportunity with YOURS Extensions founder, Mariah Cloke. 

Breaking Down

Our Training


Phase 1

Schedule your 1 hour virtual session with a YOURS National Educator where you will learn the fundamentals of our approach to a healthy, hidden and safe beaded weft installation.


Phase  2

Next, practice what you learned in your virtual session to include: extension sectioning, beading, stitching, and installing the wefts! 


Phase 3

Then, you will schedule your shadow opportunity with Mariah where you will look and learn on a real life extension transformation of Mariah's. Here you will be able to ask all the questions!

Why our Course Content stands out: 

 Our course is created for stylists by stylists who work full time behind the chair doing extensions. We don't want to box you into our way of doing things. We recognize that you are an artist with your own creative juices, hopes, dreams and visions. That is why our course is designed to show you how we  approach our hidden bead weft extensions services behind the chair.  Not only do you learn our Veil Bead Approach: sectioning, beading, threading, securing weft, sewing pattern, cutting + blending, maintenance + removal....
We make sure stylists who go through the course have all the starter tools to be successful from the minute a potential client reaches out to well beyond the install: online intake form, consultation guide, waiver + release agreement, pricing,  color + density matching guides, home care, tips on building your clientele and educator support!
Here you will learn the fundamentals of what has helped us to be successful behind the chair. And you will have our support when you grow, learn and evolve beyond our course.
We are here to be the change in the extension industry. Let's heal, grow and learn together. 

What's included in our Online Education?


- 1 hour 1:1 video call with YOURS National Educator to answer any questions

- 1:1 Virtual Shadow Opportunity with Mariah 
-Certificate of Course Completion


- Our Approach can be used to install all Hybrid + Vanish Wefts, Hand Tied Wefts, and Machine Tied Wefts


-Access to Mariah and educator team (first priority)

Your Investment

1 time investment of $750 USD


1 time investment $250
(includes loop tools, beads, thread scissors, thread, needles, hair grippers, small clips, extension pliers, practice hair)

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Our Approach

looks just like YOUR own hair.

The way I approach weft installations is advanced and hidden. This means you can wear your hair up while your beads remain undetectable and go unannounced. I have spent years practicing my approach to a hidden bead installation and I am proud to reflect my continued growth as an educator. I have worked with hundreds of stylists and clients and i have taken the fundamentals and foundation of what I do behind the chair to create an online learning opportunity for stylists who are just beginning their extension journey and for more advanced weft artists who maybe aren't feeling as confident as they would like to with their installs. The way I approach weft installations provides our clients with the most natural looking and feeling extension install while being safe on client's natural hair. No heat, tape, glue or visible beads. The thread I use is discreet. And the hair lays to the natural growth pattern so it is a pain free and healthy hair experience. 

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Healthy. Hidden Safe. Undetectable. From day one clients are able to wear their up with versatility, without any fear of exposure. The YOURS Approach promotes client comfort, a seamless grow out, scalp health, and hair health! 

Do I need any additional supplies to start practicing at home?

If you have not done weft extensions before then you will need an extension kit. We provide the option to purchase a basic kit with everything needed to get started practicing. If you chose to purchase our basic kit you just need to have a mannequin head and stand to practice on!

What happens if I have a question when I am practicing on my own?

Don't worry! That is what we are here for. You can review all questions during your 1:1 video call with your educator in Phase 3, or you can email us questions at at any time! Please allow 72 hrs response time M-F. 


I am obsessed with this technique! It's so much easier than what I was doing and I love the results. A game changer for sure!


Kristina Wishard
YOURS Salon Stylist/
Online Course Student

YOURS Extensions changed my life! I can't believe so much hair can lay so flat! I am so happy I certified in this extension technique. The quality of the hair and the education is something I am so proud to say I work with and have completed. 

Customer image

Kate Crall
YOURS Salon Stylist/
Masterclass Course Student

The technique is incredible. The extensions are so soft, so seamless and beautiful. I hope everyone signs up for this course because it is so worth it.

Customer image

Megan Spaulding
YOURS Salon Stylist/
Online Course Student