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WE MADE THE VANISH WEFT SEAM SMALLER, AGAIN! This now makes the Vanish Weft the smallest hybrid weft on the market. Orders will be for our revolutionary 1mm seam! 

All custom order hair is MADE TO ORDER and takes up to 10 weeks to make. 

YOURS Vanish Wefts Shade LINDSAY lays flat like hand tied wefts for undetectability. But can be cut like machine tied hair for ultimate customization purposes. You can create any fit you need by cutting the weft without compromising integrity.

Please order up to 10 weeks in advance to receive your custom length and texture.

For custom textures, please indicate in the order notes what texture you would like. Custom texture options: AFRO CURLY, JERRY CURLY, KINKY CURLY, LOOSE WAVE, 4C, 4B, 4A, KINKY STRAIGHT, YAKI, WATER WAVE, DEEP WAVE, NATURAL WAVE, BODY WAVE

Each half Vanish Weft pack comes with 60 grams of hair. Each full Vanish Weft package contains 120 grams of hair. Full packs come with two long wefts measuring 1 meter wide each. Half packs come with one long weft measuring 1 meter wide. 

All custom order hair sales are final.

Customer Reviews

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Think twice before you order

This is a horrible company with bad work ethic's. They purposely put custom in the description even if it is not custom, so that you can not return their crappy hair. This is basically robbery. The order I placed was on hand already. This meaning it wasn't custom nor should it have taken weeks and weeks to deliver. 0 Stars!

Hi Brandy!
The only place we put custom hair in the description is on the custom order section of our website, which is where you purchased your weft from. So your order was indeed a custom order. We gladly accept returns and refunds as long as they are not custom orders. As an ethically sourced hair extension company we cannot create a custom length or texture for you, taking up weeks of our teams time and then have no way to compensate them or the hair donor. The order you placed was not on hand and was sent out to you the same day we received it, within the promised time frame and up to our quality standard as inspected by our team. The product has been delivered as advertised. When you placed the custom order it said 'all custom hair orders are final.' You have left multiple bad reviews for the same order and we have continued to respond with the accurate information, the information you are providing is inaccurate to potential buyers.

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